Sessions Stream w/ Har-v & Laidlaw 

Words by Craig Thomas 

Thursday 10th December! Remember That Date! This is the date that will signal one of the greatest parties in the leeds students house scene. Everything is aligning perfectly; it is the end of term and the Hot Creations Maverick that is wAFF is making his Mint Sessions return. To Celebrate this fact we have invite down a couple of real top selectors and true friendly gents to support wAFF and intern make their own Mint Debuts! Introducing Har-v & Laidlaw. 

Laidlaw and Har-v both started learning how to mix in 2013 at the ages of 20 & 16, their paths were very similar from a young age, they had numerous mutual friends, but only crossed paths a few days before the Ibiza season of 2014, inside the Project London Radio studio.

After spending many hours mixing, partying and after-partying in the Ibiza 2014 season, the connection became even stronger. They were known as the party starters, as they would jump on any opportunity there was to set up a pair of deck’s and throw a party. They both took part in throwing secret parties for Project London which were held in some magical places around the island. After completing their first Ibiza season, they teamed up as ALPHA residents and started making music together.

In 2015 they set off to Ibiza again, this year the energy and parties became bigger and stronger, as they launched a new concept in Ibiza. In mid August they stumbled across the perfect venue in the San Antonio Bay area and started throwing exclusive ALPHA workers beach parties which gave up&coming DJ’s a chance to showcase their talent. They were also residents at Sankeys Ibiza for Magna Carta. By the end of the 2015 season there was a massive buzz built up around the energy provided by these two and they were noticed for the special vibes created when closing parties!

Q. Hey Guys welcome, so This will be your mint sessions Debut, how does the though of making your debut at mint compare to other other times you’ve played at new venues ?

A.Well for us its a massive achievement. Coming from london its not often you get an opportunity to play up north, especially in one of our favourite venue’s. Every time we have come to leeds, the energy has been amazing. Most people we have met were students or ex students that don’t wont to leave! haha. Plus all the security and event organiser’s are so friendly, so you know the nights going to run smooth!

Q. Guys we would like to know the one track that is really doing it for you in your sets right now?

A. Dan Berkson – People (Original Mix)

This track has been with us from the start and never fails. When dropped at the right time this creates the perfect atmosphere that just makes you wanna dance. Try it for yourself! ha…

Q. Can you describe exactly the feeling you get looking out from behind the Decks and seeing a crowd with their hands in the air just absolutely going for it?

A. To be honest there is no way of describing the feeling you get in words. its indescribable unless you have already experienced it. It’s the reason why i think we will always be in love with music. We are looking forward to experiencing that same feeling on the 10th!

So now we’ve got the serious questions out of the way we want to get to know you on a personal level?!

Q. Out of all the Top DJ’s you’ve had the pleasure of being on the same line up as, who would you let punch you directly in the face?

A. Hahaha, i dunno if the session would ever turn that way! But if we could pick a DJ to be stuck with at an after party it would be Leftwing & Kody; Every time we bump into each-other its always a good night, funnily enough the last time we was at mint they were playing and we ended up at another after party with them, it was great fun to say the least!!

Q. How many times does it take for you to listen to a song that you love before you actually hate it instead?

A. Well if we really like a song then i dont’ think we will every hate it. I think its cause we are always hunting for new music, so we never really get a chance to have songs on repeat!

Q. So guys, your at one of leeds notorious student afterparties, its to be expected that the choice of alcohol is limited at best, your presented with a choice between, a warm can of Stella, and open bottle of wine found behind a radiator and clear glass of liquid potential water but can’t be sure, which one would you choose? and why?

A. Hahaha!! Well i think were would have to crack open the warm beer. Yeah its gonna taste jank, but our taste-buds wont be at there best at that time in the morning (going on previous experiences haha). Plus its big enough to share between the two of us and anyone else that wants a sip!

Finally, please enjoy the latest Sessions Stream podcast, expertly mixed by Mint Sessions Debutant Har-v